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I remember seeing the lighthouse in the distance, and feeling her hand slip into mine on the car ride there. There was something in the way she kissed my lips that made me think that she knew this might be the last moment of us moving into the feeling of infinity together. Then suddenly we were in the sea together, being parted by the waves, but before I could be swept away by the force of my own future, the sound of her scream broke through my delusional concentration, and brought me back to the surface. I thought she needed to be saved. I could throw my limbs around her like I was made to keep her above the water. But then the sound of her laughter filled my ears, traveled across the sea, made love to the fucking sky, and I didn’t have to see her to know that she was safe in the arms of the ocean. I looked for her in my unfamiliar home, but before I could find her in the sea, I saw that she had been washed up on the shore; seaweed tied around her legs, mistaken for an affectionate eel, but looked tight enough to seem as if Poseidon was trying to drag her under. Trying to marry her to the tides, forcing her into his arms, a selfish God who only wanted her for himself. When I got home later that night, I could still feel the sand on the sensitive parts of my feet, could still feel the way the water moved across my skin like I was apart of the waves; the tides taking me back home.

"To Liam, for her," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)

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This is actually from a couple of months ago but I quite like it! I can’t post a photo from my day because i dropped my hot chocolate all over myself and then a volcano lamp emptied water all over me at work! one of those days! 😏

Date someone who meets you half way. Date someone who brings you a glass a water when they get themselves one. Date someone who makes sure you don’t spend money on ridiculous things. Date someone your ex hates and your mom loves. Date someone who’d rather spend a Friday night watching movies, than out with 50 people they barley even talk to. Date someone who sleeps on your chest and leaves a little puddle of drool. Don’t date someone who makes you leave oceans of tears.

At the end of the day it’s the little things.  (via dingyfeathers)

a lil’ cheesy but kinda cute -

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Avoiding people. I avoid people that I actually like. I suppose that’s a phobia, but it’s also a habit.

Morrissey, 1984 (when asked what his worst habit was)

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The Last Unicorn (1982), directed by Jules Bass 

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Sara Teasdale, “After Love”

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Anonymous asked: whoa... so, you're absolutely zero parts asian?

um, that I know of? I mean maybe there is some somewhere in the generations of my family. who knows? maybe the unicorns.

Anonymous asked: What is your ethnicity

:P did you ask this because a few posts ago I said it was my most frequently asked Q?

I am (believe it or not) half English / half Swedish.
oh and a splash of elf and unicorn too.

My heart swings back and forth between the need for routine and the urge to run.

(note to self)

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I just want to be charmed…