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onwarddestroyer asked: You're gorgeous and I love your blog!!

that’s kind of you to say! thank-you :)

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Sunday mornings! Coffee and a lil’ yoga before work ☕️😴👾

I know you’re tired but come, this is the way.

…my dreams are the single unpredictable factor in my zoned days and nights. Nobody allots them, or censors them. Dreams are all I have ever truly owned.

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I remember seeing the lighthouse in the distance, and feeling her hand slip into mine on the car ride there. There was something in the way she kissed my lips that made me think that she knew this might be the last moment of us moving into the feeling of infinity together. Then suddenly we were in the sea together, being parted by the waves, but before I could be swept away by the force of my own future, the sound of her scream broke through my delusional concentration, and brought me back to the surface. I thought she needed to be saved. I could throw my limbs around her like I was made to keep her above the water. But then the sound of her laughter filled my ears, traveled across the sea, made love to the fucking sky, and I didn’t have to see her to know that she was safe in the arms of the ocean. I looked for her in my unfamiliar home, but before I could find her in the sea, I saw that she had been washed up on the shore; seaweed tied around her legs, mistaken for an affectionate eel, but looked tight enough to seem as if Poseidon was trying to drag her under. Trying to marry her to the tides, forcing her into his arms, a selfish God who only wanted her for himself. When I got home later that night, I could still feel the sand on the sensitive parts of my feet, could still feel the way the water moved across my skin like I was apart of the waves; the tides taking me back home.

"To Liam, for her," - Colleen Brown (via mostlyfiction)

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